San Diego Video Productions - Crystal Pyramid Productions
San Diego Video Production - Crystal Pyramid Productions
San Diego Video Production - Crystal Pyramid Productions

100% Satisfied

We’ve worked with Crystal Pyramid several times over the past decade and have been 100% satisfied with our partnership and their expertise.  They know their craft and help us fulfill our clients’ events by not only executing the video requirements, but proactively making suggestions and educating our engineers with ways to enhance filming, lighting, sound, etc. to make sure the production is as perfect as can be.  Anytime we have productions in or around the San Diego area, CP is our only phone call! – D. Corsino, West Health

Eye of Sauron

The Brave team and I would like to thank you all for your considerable efforts and the application of your prodigious talents to the el Jimador shoot. There is no aspect of this shoot that was not ambitious and a lesser team would have been smited by it like an unfortunate hobbit under the eye of Sauron. However our band of merry adventurers led by Baby D Baggins with trusty Richie Gamgies hanging out the back of him could not have fared better in adverse conditions. – D. Healy, Unit 9

Very Professional Videos

The video crew at Crystal Pyramid Productions are highly experienced, and know how to shoot and produce very professional videos.  They are always there to answer my questions and help me out with their video production expertise. – L. Mariano, Acon Labs

San Diego's Longest-Standing Video Production House

San Diego Video Production Company, Crystal Pyramid Productions, has delivered hundreds of award-winning video productions to our Broadcast and Corporate clients in San Diego since 1981. We are San Diego’s longest-standing Video Production House.
Hyatt cooking show video production with Convergent Design Apollo
Not only are we a full-service video production company and owner-operators of state-of-the-art equipment – including HD to 4K camera systems, sound and grip gear – we are accomplished story-tellers.

We have been winning accolades for our work since the 1980s when we pioneered special-interest videos; some were the first of their genre.

Call on San Diego’s best crew for all your video production needs – (619) 644-3000

Crew and Equipment

teleprompter operatorOur DPs/Camera Operators, Producers, Sound Mixers, Editors, Teleprompter Operators, Grips and Gaffers will travel to your location in San Diego County and beyond.  We provide all the necessary Broadcast Video Production Equipment, Audio and Lighting Gear to tell your story and highlight your services or products online. Or come into our Studio.

san diego video production awards

We specialize in Interviews, B-Roll, Green Screen, Corporate Training & Internet Web Videos.  We also cover Conventions, Seminars and Corporate Events.  We have produced dozens of  Product Demo Programs, TV Ads, Television Commercials, Infomercials, Multimedia Productions, Live Web-Casts & Streaming.  We can additionally provide Film, Animation, Teleprompting, Video Editing, PAL Video and more.

We offer Full- and Half-Day rates and are available 24/7.  Check out our blog, “Diary of a San Diego Video Crew.” There you’ll find stories about celebrities, informative videos and marketing tips that will help you promote your business product or service.

For the best in San Diego Video Production Services, Expert Crews and High-End Broadcast Equipment, call on us.

Announcing Our Latest Gear

We are proud Owner/Operators of some amazing new equipment. This includes the Sony FS7 Mark II camera rig with all the bells and whistles including a Cool Luxe Cool Rig and JTZ DP30 Swing-Away Matte Box with various filters. Along with Convergent Designs Odyssey 7Q+ monitor/recorder with Apollo option, this camera system delivers revolutionary high-production quality to your video project.  We also have state-of-the-art Virtual Reality equipment for all your VR and AR (Augmented Reality) video production needs.

If you are a discerning person who knows the value of experience and high-end equipment, call on Crystal Pyramid Productions. We’ll meet your expectations and deliver crystal-clear content on your project. If you are a non-profit agency, we are happy to give you a substantial non-profit discount, as our way of giving back to our community.

Call Us Today!

San Diego video productionWe are an incorporated, fully-insured Certified Small Business.

Call San Diego video production company Crystal Pyramid Productions today at (619) 644-3000 to discuss your video production needs.

Crew Abuse – Are You Guilty?

Crew Abuse - Are You Guilty? The Golden Rule Everyone knows the golden rule: "Do unto others what you would have others do unto you." Crew abuse is an ugly little secret in the otherwise glammy hype of what it's like on set at a video production. The distracted...

Notre Dame – Reveries

Notre Dame, arguably the most iconic attraction of Paris, has recently suffered devastation from fire. We visited last summer and what an amazing day it was. Summer is not necessarily the best time to visit Paris, since most of the locals depart, surrendering the city...

Green Screen Background for Your Video

In the early days of green-screen interviews, a production crew would show up with a cumbersome neon green backdrop and take an hour and a half to set it up.  Now there are portable green screens that are easily erected in a fraction of the time.  But do you need it?

Ralph Fasanella, American Socialist Artist

Ralph Fasanella was an American socialist artist who captured the essence of unions on canvas including the 1911 Triangle Shirtwaist Fire of NYC

Do You Need A Dog Dentist?

A dog dentist is not normally the first person we think about when creating our "To Do" lists.  But do you need a dog dentist?  After shooting a couple of interviews with Dr. Brook Niemiec, DVM, veterinarian, dog dentist, cat whisperer and authority on the dental care...

Mountain Bike Trials Champion Ot Pi

Mountain Bike Trials   The Golden Age   During the Golden Age of Athens, Greece (5th Century, B.C.), pilgrims traveled there to experience war, peace, business, romance and the blessings of the gods. During the Golden Age of mountain bike trials in the...

Helmet Cam Innovator Mark Schulze

Helmet Cam Innovator Mark Schulze At the time, it was just another "MacGyver" maneuver. Mark Schulze often invented ways to enhance his video productions. If anything went wrong on a set, he would usually know what to do to jury-rig a solution. But...

10 Secrets of a Video Producer

As a Producer for 30 years I have gained a lot of experience in interviewing people of all kinds, from Little League Baseball Coaches (world-champion Chula Vista coaches) to college Presidents (Dr. Stephen Weber, SDSU); from celebrities (Kirsten Dunst, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Will Ferrell, Hilary Swank) to astronauts (Sally Ride); from scientists (J. Craig Venter) to Presidential hopefuls (Hillary Clinton).

The Video Production Industry

The Video Production Industry Is It Really a Man's World? I have been contemplating what it's like to be a woman in a man's industry - and more specifically, the video production industry. A few years ago I spoke to a college class of women who wish to enter the video...

Cue the Grizzly. Action!

Here's a glimpse into what was happening in the year 2000 in the San Diego video production world of Crystal Pyramid Productions: San Diego Magazine featured this article about video producers Mark Schulze and Patty Mooney,...

Good Publicity

Mark Schulze videotapes Dawnn Butler in San Diego for Oprah's Dinner of a Lifetime (Photo by Patty Mooney)[/caption] Good Publicity is Great for Business   Social marketing is the new way of the world, even a business like ours. Crystal Pyramid Productions is San...

Mario Lopez Before Extra

Mario Lopez is one of the most likeable guys on television. Many people don't realize or remember that before he was the face of Extra, Mario Lopez was once Animal Planet's Pet Star Search "ringleader." He and his "dog and pony show" used to come to San Diego every...

Mountain Bike Trials Champion Ot Pi

Mountain Bike Trials   The Golden Age   During the Golden Age of Athens, Greece (5th Century, B.C.), pilgrims traveled there to experience war, peace, business, romance and the blessings of the gods. During the Golden Age of mountain bike trials in the...

Dogs, Dogs and More Dogs

This past weekend our crew traveled to Palm Springs for the 2019 American Kennel Dog Show. With three Camera Ops manning live-stream cameras, the world was able to watch 4-1/2 hours of handsome canines trot alongside their trainers.

Lingerie Sky Divers

Lingerie Sky Divers The Awakening The jangling phone woke us early one Saturday morning.  It was our producer friend at Inside Edition.  "Can you guys get your video production crew together and head up to Lake Elsinore to videotape some lingerie sky divers?" Um,...

Sushi Girl is a Treat

Sushi Girl is a Treat This movie is destined for cult classic greatness The San Diego Comic Con has become a Hollywood appendage, and it's where theatrical motion pictures and indie films test the waters to see how big a splash they will make when they ultimately hit...

Megamind at Comic Con

Megamind at Comic Con A comedy starring Saturday Night Live alums Will Ferrell and Tina Fey, along with Jonah Hill While trolling online, I came across the video that I had edited back in 2010 for DreamWorks.  This is the San Diego Comic Con Megamind Panel...

SD Comic Con Tales

SD Comic Con Tales SD Comic Con is the most attended of any convention in the City of San Diego. It is truly intimidating in its Hulk-like proportions. Over the years, our video production company, Crystal Pyramid Productions, has provided crews to broadcast studios...

San Diego Comic Con Tales

San Diego Comic Con Tales San Diego Comic Con tales abound with any high-end, long-standing video production company here in San Diego like Crystal Pyramid Productions. My partner, Mark, and I have worked this venue together since last century - The 1990's.  The...

Comic Con: Blast From the Past

Comic Con: Blast From the Past Historical Reverie Comic Con has grown since its beginning in 1970 from a bunch of card tables stacked with comic books to a behemoth convention. In fact, it's San Diego's largest convention. It's a wildly-anticipated venue for nerds,...