Technology for Every Generation – by Theo Schmidt

technology for every generation

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100 Years of Innovation

Technology is an interesting topic to consider.  Think how much our society has developed in the past 100 years with the growing presence of technology. Each generation in America has found its niche in the technological world. And they are embracing it wholeheartedly.

Most generations are learning where they fit in.  Especially since technology continues to stretch its own boundaries and provide us with new features.

Baby Boomers

You might be surprised to learn that the majority of accounts on Facebook and LinkedIn are from users who are 45 and older. Social media is most widely the realm of Generation X (born between the 60s and 80s), Baby Boomers (born between the mid-40s and mid 60s), and even the Silent Generation (born between the mid-20s and mid-40s).

It is still fairly rare to see members of the Greatest Generation (born between the 1900s and mid-20s) on social media sites. These older generations also extensively use the web for health and medical sites as well as news updates.

The generations born between the 40s and 80s use a surprising number of modern tech gadgets. Ipads and iPhones are particularly popular among this age group. Perhaps it is the easy-to-read screens or user-friendly interface that draw them in.  But they are definitely adapting and getting used to a world with gadgets and websites galore. These generations have gotten wise to the way that we communicate now.  They notice that text messages and emails get better responses than snail mail and phone calls. If they want to stay involved with their families, they need to reach them in a way that works for everybody.

Out of these generational groups, though, the Baby Boomers show the greatest amount of growth and continue to make their presence known online.

Gen Z and Millennials

The youngest generations, Generation Z (born between the early 2000s and now) and the Millennial generation (born between the 80s and 90s), are more likely to be found on the newest and latest social media sites. These generations make up at least half of all Google Plus users. They are also more likely to have a presence on Instagram and Vine. These youngsters spend their time finding out what the newest trends are, and how they can become involved in them.

One of the highest priorities for young people is keeping up with what is relevant and staying popular. When you’re young, one of the most important things you can do is stay relevant by keeping up on what is popular. These generations are more likely to be informed on the latest gadgets and what is up-and-coming in the tech world. However, it is a little less likely that they will actually own these gadgets because they are often quite expensive.

The Best Tools for You

This may seem like trivial information, but it is actually very important for you to know.  Especially if you run a business or are involved in social media or technology for a living. A strong presence of 50-year-olds and older online should affect the way that you advertise and try to connect with them. One can no longer assume that every person on Facebook is a teenager. Consider that the original Facebook teens are now in their mid to late 20s with their own families and careers.

Find the site that your target audience is really using.  Then target them appropriately with things that they understand. You never know who you could find online next.

If you are interested in more statistics and facts about the Baby Boomers’ technology use, view this slide show with interesting text and graphics.

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