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We have been around long enough to have produced some of the first videos of their kind.  The first instructional massage video, the first instructional mountain biking video, the first male erotic dance video, the first women’s self-defense video.  We were pioneers in the production and distribution of these educational special-interest titles.

We also produced many local commercials, Public Service Announcements and other types of videos for our clients.

Things were a little tougher back then without the streamlined use of computers and peripheral technology.  But the pace of the work day was a bit more relaxed, less stressful.  Here’s a look back at the “good old days” of video.


“Massage For Relaxation: The Ultimate Guide to Loving Your Body & Spirit,” is back by popular demand, originally released on VHS and now available digitally. In this sensual and tasteful video, Cleo Mooney shows you timeless techniques on how to massage yourself as well as another person.

“Great Mountain Biking Video” is the first mountain bike instructional video ever made, circa 1987.

A vintage commercial for Total Budget auto insurance – Footage shot by DP Mark Schulze

GSD MRI vintage commercial in San Diego.