Stock Footage Can Spice Up Your Video

San Diego’s First Stock Footage Library

New & Unique Videos was San Diego’s first stock-footage library, established in 1994.
Stock footage of Our nation's capital in Spring time, Washington DC

Stock footage of o ur nation’s capital in Spring time, Washington DC

We’ve been around the world collecting clips of everything from an angry Tasmanian devil in Australia to a snake charmer in New Delhi, India.  We also have archival footage including odd shots like a guy setting a record by walking on his hands, a plane crashing into the Empire State Building (by mistake) and turkeys dressed up in clothing.

The Value of Stock Footage

Video producers understand the value of stock footage.  One remarkable clip could make or break a video production.  Establishing shots of exotic cities or buildings give the viewer the impression that the rest of the show has been shot at that location when in reality, it may be produced on a lot in Burbank, Studio City or Vancouver, Canada.

Industry Changes

The stock-footage industry has changed radically within the last two decades.  For instance, when a client called asking for certain stock-footage clips, let’s say, the San Diego city skyline, then we would edit clips from a time-coded VHS tape (a dub of the Betacam SP master) onto another VHS tape which we would then Fed Ex to the client.  They would then look at the tape and select any shots they wanted.  They would then sign a contract. We would ship them a Betacam SP dub from the master tape.  They could expect to receive the footage in about a week.

These days, footage is now available digitally online for immediate download.  Plus there are an infinite number of agencies that can provide contemporary digital high definition footage of cities and landmarks.

Not everyone has footage of underwater mountain bikers, tarantula hawks or painted elephants.  Why do you think we call it New & Unique Videos?

Patty Mooney is a VP, Video Producer, Sound Technician, Teleprompter Operator and Video Editor at award-winning San Diego video production company, Crystal Pyramid Productions.