Using Social Media Techniques To Promote Your Video – by Sally Writes

If you are into creating your own videos or vlogs, there has never been a better time to promote your creations. Film production equipment has never been cheaper and there are a number of very affordable cameras on the market nowadays. In addition, some mobile phones now have robust apps for which you once paid a small fortune.  They are now more easily accessible and versatile.  But once your video is made, what is the best way to get it out there? What social media techniques will be best to promote the videos you are making?


The leading platform for video sharing, is undoubtedly YouTube. If you are digitally promoting audio files or videos, in the hope that they will one day go viral, then YouTube is probably the best place to start. Like most social media sites, you can create your own account and upload your video quite simply. YouTube does take a little while to upload, especially if you are sharing a higher quality video. That, however, is one of its draws. You can choose the different quality you wish to watch videos in. If you create something that really needs to be watched in Higher Definition, that option will be available to you.

The Power Of The #Hashtag

Uploading your video is the easy part. To promote and get the requisite hits, now is when you need to go to work. Sharing your video and getting friends and colleagues to share too is a great way to get the hits up. Another of the great social media techniques to promote your video is to include some hashtags in the description. You can create a hashtag relating to any topic or genre that your video may address. The first time you do this, you may feel a little silly. However, the  beauty of hashtags, is that they tend to trend, meaning if one of the hashtags you have attached to your video, goes viral, then your video is going to get way more hits. So the more hashtags the better, even if the links seem a little tenuous, attach it to the video and you have more chance of becoming the internet sensation you dreamed about.

Facebook Live

This fairly new method of promoting video is useful if you want to create a live video. Your friends will receive notifications that you are producing live content, so they can tune in, comment and get involved. This is a fairly new concept.  But when it come to getting your videos out there, capturing the zeitgeist is all important.  In the modern era it is important to be bold with your promotion and get your video out there on as many platforms as possible. However, a great starting point is YouTube and be sure to be freewheeling with those hashtags for maximum exposure.