Small Business Certification California

We are active on SAM for Government Contract Video Production Work - (619) 644-3000
Small Business Certification is important to many various agencies.  Crystal Pyramid Productions is a Certified Small Business Enterprise.  So what this means is that we have obtained the proper certifications to work with the various branches within our government.  Consequently, this Small Business Certification is like a professional document that gives us a special status to shoot, produce and edit videos for federal, state and local governmental entities. We are certified via the Port of Long Beach, DGS California Department of General Services, and SAM.

Following are the government’s criteria for small business certification.

Are you an established business?

Prime contractors prefer doing business with established firms. They require at least two years of business experience.

Are you a low-risk choice for the government?

Procurement officers also prefer the lowest risk choice. If you have a track record of on-time service delivery, reliable goods, sticking to agreed budgets, then you have a better chance to get certified.

Have you got a sweet spot?

Proof of performance and strong references are what contractors look for, so focus on what you do best. Additionally, concentrate on your value and how it differentiates you from other businesses.

Are your prepared to research, research and research some more?

A clear understanding of what agencies are buying and the procurement vehicles they are using is critical. Many data sources are available to help with this.  And you can use creative strategies to focus on the priorities of various agencies.

Small Business Certification CaliforniaDo you understand how the government buys?

The government has different purchasing levels and each has its own set of rules. Learn how the federal government buys, including the meaning behind phrases like “micro purchases,” “simplified acquisition process,” “consolidated purchase vehicles” and more.

Can you staff up?

When embarking on a government contract, you’ll need a skilled team of experts who knows how the process works. To help you “talk-the-talk,” hiring former government employees could work to your advantage. They can provide invaluable advice on tailoring your proposals to a specific agency’s needs and procurement processes.

Do you know how to market to the government?

The government buys differently than the commercial sector.  It speaks a different language. So you’ll have to figure out what works best. Hiring a consultant could be beneficial to you when marketing to government.

The video crew at Crystal Pyramid Productions is proud of the Small Business Certification we have earned.  We have worked on a number of video productions for governmental agencies and contractors including and not limited to Lockheed-Martin, the County of San Diego, U.S. Department of Commerce, U.S. Department of Labor, Department of Veterans Administration, DEA, Department of Defense and others.