Hi Gorgeous Tour

Oprah came to San Diego in 2004, on her four-city “Hi Gorgeous” tour for O Magazine.  Amazingly, unexpected rainfall fell on the event. Amazingly why?  Because San Diego, and for that matter, California, has suffered from drought conditions for decades.  San Diego is, after all, a desert.

Marina Park

And that’s why the rainfall on Ms. O’s parade was special.  She decided that she would hold her venue outdoors at Marina Park near the San Diego Convention Center and Seaport Village.  Consequently, on the morning of Oprah’s San Diego premiere, a long line of mostly women formed behind the convention center.

Oprah visited San Diego 2004

Long line of women waiting to see Oprah


Oprah visits San Diego

Ladies in line don yellow Chico’s ponchos provided in swag bags

Upon closer inspection, you can see that many of the people waiting in line have pulled out a yellow Chico’s poncho that came in each “swag bag.”

Hi Gorgeous Oprah San Diego

Hi Gorgeous participants all wear yellow ponchos

Unfortunately, due to the rain, Oprah cut her appearance short and refunded everyone their ticket money.  However, the ladies still got to keep their “swag.”

Oprah San Diego Hi Gorgeous

Oprah speaks to an audience of people all wearing yellow rain ponchos

Oprah greeted the audience who were enjoying the light sprinkle.  She mentioned how many times she had heard how gorgeous San Diego was all year round but obviously not today.  We San Diegans were grateful for the rain.

After informing her audience that the venue was cancelled and everyone would be refunded their money, Oprah jumped into an SUV and was driven off.  Within half an hour, the rain subsided, the sun came out and the rest of the day was gorgeous.

Oprah rained out San Diego

DP Mark Schulze shoots B-roll for Oprah’s video

Patty Mooney is a Vice President and Video Producer at award-winning San Diego video production company, Crystal Pyramid Productions