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Stock Footage Library
From Stock footage library, Patty Mooney and Dick Crow at Mt. Olympus

Steadicam Operator Dick Crow videotapes Mountain Bike champion, Patty Mooney near Mt. Olympus, Greece

New & Unique Videos is San Diego’s first and largest stock footage library since 1985. We offer an extensive stock footage library of contemporary shots from around the world, i.e., people, cities, countrysides, mountain biking, beaches, sunsets, aerial, underwater, Steadicam, and much more. We also provide custom footage. Since 1981, our affiliate company, Crystal Pyramid Productions, has offered full video and film production services, from concept to completion, including animation, editing, narration, music, duplication and packaging.

New & Unique Videos stock footage library is a one-of-a-kind collection of contemporary and archival images from around the world, including original masters shot on Betacam SP (1989 -2009),  3/4 ” (1977 -1990), HD (2004 -present), DVCam (2001-present) and 16 mm film (1954 -1976).  All tapes have been logged into a keyword-searchable format (Filemaker Pro) with paper back-ups.

New & Unique Videos was established in 1985 to produce and distribute a series of mountain bike videos as well as several other special-interest educational titles. These shows did very well in their markets throughout the late 80’s and 1990’s.  In 1993, New & Unique Videos branched out into selling stock footage with an emphasis on mountain biking and extreme sports, Southern California lifestyle and various cities around the world;  for example, Geneva, Switzerland; Papeete, Tahiti; Adelaide, Australia; Darjeeling, India and so on, shot on broadcast-quality Betacam SP (always on a tripod and often with a Steadicam). We always shot with the best broadcast-quality equipment and award-winning DPs available at the time.  One original master shot in particular we repeated many times was a zoom out from a beautiful vista to a very wide shot.

Over the last two decades we have collected stock footage in many different locations of many different topics, thus increasing the scope of New & Unique Videos’ collections.  We have also added the format of High Definition to our offerings.

New & Unique Videos has San Diego and Southern California clips that reach back to the 1970’s.  Our clips have appeared in many corporate and broadcast productions and theatrical releases such as “Anchorman,” “The Joey Show,” “The Tonight Show,” etc.