Ultimate Mountain Biking

Advanced Techniques & Winning Strategies

ultimate mountain biking





ENDORSED BY NORBA (National Off-Road Bicycling Association)

“Ultimate Mountain Biking” features the pioneers of mountain biking’s racing “hey-day” – the 1980’s – teach you their secrets of success.

In this award-winning classic, you will hammer Uphill with two-time Olympian,Tinker Juarez, and soar Cross Country with Margaret Day. You’ll speed Downhill with Jimmy Deaton, and on Singletrack and Switchbacks with Cindy Whitehead. You’ll slalom down a fast and furious course with Glen Adams.

The incomparable Ot Pi Isern brings you to dizzying heights on his Trials bike. Ironman and Two-time Olympian, John Howard, shows you stretching and training techniques for optimum riding.

Exciting race footage, fast-paced original musical score (hi-fi stereo) and animation. Check out the ancient gear and vintage mountain biking fashions! An award-winning classic that belongs in the library of every avid mountain biker.

“NORBA gladly endorses and recommends Ultimate Mountain Biking. Video offers an educational, entertaining and exciting avenue into the world of mountain biking, and this tape offers a source of information to the expert rider, as well as a source of encouragement to the beginner, and also to those who want to learn more about this rapidly growing and challenging sport.” NORBA (National Off Road Bicycling Association)

ultimate mountain biking race

Ned Overend and Tinker Juarez racing Big Bear Lake

“This release should be a hit with mountain bikers everywhere. Ultimate Mountain Biking is an advanced training video for the serious rider. Training, riding and nutritional tips and techniques are shared by pro riders Tinker Juarez, Jim Deaton, Cindy Whitehead, Glen Adams, and others. This video features spectacular scenery, original music score, race footage, and pro interviews. Fast-paced action and sharp quality make the tape fun viewing for everyone.” – BILLBOARD MAGAZINE

“Ultimate Mountain Biking is probably the most spectacularly filmed video ever produced. With useful how-to information as well as exciting race coverage, the video brings all the best aspects of mountain biking into your living room.” MOUNTAIN BIKE ACTION

“Ultimate Mountain Biking is a 60-minute collection of vignettes on riding techniques for beginners to advanced riders, presented by the best in the sport… a top notch production, offering never-before-seen footage of some of the hottest mountain bike riding this side of the Rockies… Excellent editing and original music await you as you are shown first-hand the techniques that have taken the racers to the top. Plus, spectacular trail riding footage from some of the most breathtaking locations in the country. Ultimate Mountain Biking doesn’t just show you what it’s about, it puts you in the saddle and lets you experience it for yourself.” – MOUNTAIN & CITY BIKING

“…Endorsed by the National Off-Road Bicycle Association. Top pros treat you to adventure on the terrains they ride best as they share their advanced techniques and winning strategies.” – NORBA NEWS

“Recalling the thrills of memorable childhood bike rides, this scenic production is effectively structured with catchy, animated title screens. Viewers familiar with the same producer’s Great Mountain Biking Video will find difficult terrain, tricky maneuvers, and advanced skills are pictured here as identified pros and record holders demonstrate their prowess. Good camera work focuses on technique and pleasingly frames the California and Utah vistas, enabling both experienced and beginning cyclists to learn from and enjoy the footage of single-track and exhilarating trials riding.” – BOOKLIST

“…This 60-minute adventure steers the cyclist through a panoramic view of challenging and breath-taking trails. It includes Cross Country with Margaret Day, Uphill with Tinker Juarez, and Downhill with Jim Deaton. Glen Adams shows Turns & Berms; Cindy Whitehead glides down Singletrack & Switchbacks; John Howard offers exercises; and Margaret Day also discusses nutrition. A highlight is Ot Pi Isern who hops and soars his bike over moonscape terrain.” – BICYCLE BUSINESS JOURNAL

“…New & Unique Videos has produced a top-rate mountain bike video that is both informative and fun to watch… you learn all aspects of off-road riding including uphills, switchbacks, proper stretching, single track riding, and trials from cyclists such as Tinker Juarez, Margaret Day, John Howard and Ot Pi…. includes never-before-released race footage, fast-paced original musical score and plenty of mountain bike action to please even the hard-core cyclists.”BICYCLING SAN DIEGO

“Ultimate Mountain Biking was the only tape that actually made me want to go out and ride my mountain bike. Some splendidly scenic riding footage is interspersed with useful riding and fitness tips from…off-road standouts…” – VELO NEWS

“If you want to improve as a rider and are frustrated by poor technique, this one is worth catching…and puts you on the right track. Each lesson comes from a top US professional and contains plenty of useful information. These people know their stuff… The most daring sequences feature trials rider, Ot Pi, balancing and bouncing about on a cliff edge and are amazing.” – MOUNTAIN BIKER MAGAZINE