Massage for Relaxation

The World's First Instructional Massage Video
Massage For Relaxation by New & Unique Videos

Massage For Relaxation Box Cover

“Massage For Relaxation: The Ultimate Guide to Loving Your Body & Spirit,” is back by popular demand, originally released on VHS and now re-issued on a menu-driven DVD.  In this sensual and tasteful video, Cleo Mooney shows you timeless techniques on how to massage yourself as well as another person.  You will learn how to use the power of your own healing touch to relieve your aching neck, shoulders and back; pamper your arms, legs, hands and feet; locate “trigger points” for deeper massage; treat cellulite; relieve headaches; and give a facial rub to yourself as well as another.  Cleo also reveals the secret of the Glowing Salt Rub which smoothes and softens your skin.  You’ll reduce stress, relax your body, mind and spirit, and master the healing powers of touch.

This award-winning original classic is truly a “Collector’s Video” that should be in everybody’s library.    Amaze yourself with the pleasures you can give yourself and others through “Massage For Relaxation.”

“Winner of the ITVA Medallion Award, this excellent video with a soothing score makes it easy to relax while learning how to massage oneself or another.  Segment two’s self-massage section can be put into immediate use; exclusive spas have used these techniques to pamper arms, legs, hands and feet, treat cellulite, improve the complexion, and soften skin for years.  Now the secret of the glowing salt rub is available to everyone!  Highly recommended.” – Nexus

Additional reviews:

“There are lots of massage videos on the market, but this one’s special.  Not only does masseuse Cleo explain techniques – including Swedish massage, Shiatsu and Reflexology – while demonstrating as she massages Maria, she also teaches Self-Massage techniques.  So you can recap your investment with the first massage you give yourself… a great self-help tool in reducing stress, relieving pain, and channeling your healing energy.” – Ladyslipper

“Cleo Mooney does more than demonstrate the proper techniques for massaging others; she also devotes an extended section of the program to the art of self-massage.  Briskly paced and modestly priced, this program just may make a dent in the sell-through market.” – Billboard Magazine

“Relaxation is the key word in today’s stress-filled life, and more health-minded persons are discovering the benefits of relaxing with a massage.  This is a unique video because it is both instructional for someone learning to be a masseur and instructor Cleo demonstrates how to give yourself a massage.  Techniques are plainly shown how to relieve tension in neck, shoulders, back, hips, chest, abdomen, legs, arms, feet, face and head.” – Total Health Magazine

“Learn how to relieve tension from your head to your feet, locate trigger points for best results, select the best oils for your skin, and more.   You can reduce stress and pain, at your own pace.” – Health  World