Steppin' Out

Ultimate Interval Training System
  • Actors: Carrie Weiland, Michael Finn, Christina Finn
  • Directors: Mark Schulze & Michael Finn
  • Available for Viewing at Vimeo on Demand: Steppin’ Out: Ultimate Interval Training Video
  • Studio: New & Unique Videos
  • VHS Release Date: 1991
  • Run Time: 55 minutes
  • National Gold Aurora Award
Carrie Weiland in Steppin' Out Ultimate Interval Training Video

Carrie Weiland in Steppin’ Out by New & Unique Videos

Step Aerobics continues to grow as a way of quickly and safely reaching your health and fitness goals.  Interval Training combines the benefits of aerobic conditioning and strength training into an incredibly effective workout.  STEPPIN’ OUT offers excellence in exercising through a synthesis of Interval and Step.  Achieve optimum fitness through this intensive, full-body workout.  Because you can modify step heights, weights and intensity, this program is great for any level of skill or conditioning.

What makes this program so good:

* It’s a complete high-quality, full-body workout

* It’s fun, exciting and motivating

* Variations for beginner, intermediate and advanced

* Contains professional instruction from a certified expert

* Superior production value with hot, original music

How much better is your daily life when you look at feel great? Whatever the sport, you play better and have more fun when you are in shape.  Whether you exercise to get into shape or lose weight, STEPPIN’ OUT prepares you for your favorite activities.  Beginners and seasoned athletes alike will benefit from the cross-training effects and total workout of STEPPIN’ OUT.

Enhance your training power and achieve optimum physical performance through this intensive full-body workout. This interval training video shows you how to combine the benefits of aerobic conditioning and strength training through adjustable weight intervals.

Precise instructional cueing, quality of movement and exciting visuals make this a powerful, interesting and efficient workout. Modify step height, weights and intensity to develop your own personal training system.

Hot musical score (by instructor, Carrie Weiland) lends the perfect beat for an enjoyable workout. “Steppin’ Out” will motivate and challenge you; maximize your aerobic potential; burn fat, increase metabolism; tone and sculpt your body; and get you into great shape!

Reviews, Honors & Endorsements


Comprehensive fitness routine combines step aerobic moves with a weight workout… Those who participate with vigor will find themselves working up a sweat with this challenging workout.  Instructor Carrie Weiland deserves additional credit for writing and performing the Steppin’ Out musical soundtrack.  Weiland also has done some writing for popular fitness personality Tamilee Webb, an old friend with whom she used to teach aerobics. – BILLBOARD


Carrie Weiland leads this step aerobic workout with a bit of weight training.  She sings and writes her own musical score for this injury-free, consistent workout schedule that emphasizes attention to form and efficiency of movement.  Viewers are instructed to modify step height and weights for their different experience and fitness levels.  Selling Points:  Weiland is a friend of workout star Tamilee Webb (Buns of Steel) and has provided music for Webb’s videos. – VIDEO  STORE  MAGAZINE


Fitness expert Carrie Weiland presides over a full-body workout that alternates challenging step-aerobic routines with exercises using heavy and light weights (scaled for different work-out intensities).  Each of the dozen segments lasts three or four minutes and focuses on a different muscle group.  In striking a healthy balance between pulse-quickening step exercises and anaerobic weight training, the Steppin’ Out approach produces an excellent, well-rounded regimen that demands discipline and determination — and produces rewards accordingly. – VIDEO  BUSINESS


Carrie Weiland not only instructs this interval training video, but wrote and performed the soundtrack as well.  The routine includes a warm-up, four cycles of four-minute step/cardio intervals with three-minute strength training with weights and an abdominal segment.  Final stretches complete the hour-long tape.  Best suited for intermediate to advanced exercisers. – AMERICAN  FITNESS


The Steppin’ Out: Ultimate Interval Training System video, starring Carrie Weiland, combines interval training and step aerobics.  Music is written and performed by Weiland, and the video is designed for both beginners and seasoned athletes. – FITNESS  MANAGEMENT


Step aerobics remains popular, and in Steppin’ Out, personable instructor Carrie Weiland conducts a solid exercise program combining step aerobics with interval weight-training routines that target shoulders, arms, chest, buttocks and calves.  A brief abdominal workout and final stretches conclude this polished program. – BOOKLIST


steppin' out carrie weiland

Carrie Weiland

A high-quality production featuring instructor Carrie Weiland — who also wrote and sings the techno-pop soundtrack.  Mixing a vigorous step workout with intervals of weight training, Weiland takes viewers through four sets of step/weight workouts, with periodic rests to check exertion levels.  Steppin’ Out is a good combination step/weight workout program. – VIDEO  LIBRARIAN

This video is a must for those wanting a perfect aerobic full body workout.  The program combines interval training with the step so while one exercise program works on stamina and cardiovascular health, the other builds and tones muscles.  The original musical score makes it all the more fun. – ENTERTAINMENT  RETAILING  INDUSTRY


Health-conscious Americans have tried numerous ploys to burn off those unsightly bulges and maintain firm bodies.  One of the newer and more efficient ways is step aerobics.  Participants need a step board, hand weights, and about an hour of their time to put some bounce back into their stride and out of the body.  Step aerobics started as a focus for thighs and calves, but in Steppin’ Out instructor Carrie Weiland uses the step in almost all of her movements, and the entire body gets a good workout.  The program is demonstrated by Weiland and two assistants with an upbeat background soundtrack.  The program is performed on a bare stage so there are little distractions for viewers.  Segments focus on different areas of the body with exercises designed to tone and tighten.  Each segment is followed with a target heart count.  The program is easy to follow and provides a good workout.  Public libraries will find this an excellent purchase for their exercise audience.  The price is reasonable and patrons will probably check it out over and over again. – * * * * VIDEO RATING GUIDE FOR LIBRARIES


Carrie Weiland’s clean lifestyle and enthusiasm no doubt have… gained her national recognition with the release of an interval training video she not only performs and teaches in, but has written the music for as well.  Weiland said the one-hour video is designed to give both the beginner and advanced person a good workout.  The video is endorsed by the infamous Buns of Steel woman, Tamilee Webb, who calls it a “great workout from a talented instructor.” – THE  BEACH  NEWS


This dynamic tape challenges exercisers to work harder, better, stronger than ever before!  Exceptionally led by talented hard-body Carrie Weiland, Steppin’ Out is the ultimate interval training system, which intersperses tough step aerobics with effective weight training.  The strong-but-simple cardio routines feature lunges, squats and propulsions, and the resistance intgervals use intelligent modifications and repetitions suited to most participants.  There are perceived exertion checks to help you judge effort level, and Weiland is adept at encouraging safe body alignment.  Besides offering one unique hour of exciting aerobics, the celestial set is super-condusive to exercise, and overachiever Weiland has even written (and performs) the original soundtrack. – NEW  BODY  MAGAZINE


Although the workout will probably not make anyone look as good as the instructor and her two friends (male and female), it will provide great full-body conditioning.  Recommended. – LIBRARY JOURNAL

In this program the exercise routine is prefaced with a very thorough introduction containing all the appropriate cautions and necessary preliminary demonstrations of moves and terminology.  The routine itself consists of a warm-up followed by four aerobic step intervals alternated with weight toning segments.  Two sets of weights are needed for the muscle-toning exercises and a step is recommended for the aerobics.  However, experienced aerobics fans will have little difficulty adapting the aerobics to a low-impact version without the step.  A set of abdominal exercises follows the interval training and the routine concludes with a stretch.  This is a very competent exercise video.  The music for the routines is very appealing with good energy, strong rhythm, and a contemporary jazz-funk sound.  Instructor Carrie Weiland is easy to follow, giving clear instructions that include body positioning.  She has an excellent on-screen personality that is encouraging and motivational.  Production quality is of the highest standard.  Overall this is an above-average addition to the spectrum of fitness videos and it will be welcomed by public library patrons. – **** VIDEO RATING GUIDE FOR LIBRARIES

steppin' out ultimate interval training video carrie weiland michael finn

Carrie Weiland and Michael Finn Steppin’ Out

4.0 out of 5 stars Great Workout
By sassafraz70 (USA)
This workout is a perfect combination of easy to follow step aerobics and strength training. Carrie Weiland is very fun and motivating without being annoying, and there are parts that always make me laugh. It isn’t a high-budget video, and the music seems a bit outdated now (she wrote and performed it herself in 1994), but if you can get past that, it’s a great workout. You can customize the workout with different weights and a different setting on your step. I recommend the video and am very disappointed I can’t find another one she has done; she has moved on to a singing career.

5.0 out of 5 stars Great Tape
By C. Chapin
This is a great interval tape; I use it over and over again. Highly recommended if you love step and weights.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Great motivating workout!, April 15, 2003
By Laura S. Church (White Bear Lake, MN United States)
I’ve never had more fun with a steppin’ video. I used to check this video out from the library every week until I finally bought it. I used it so often and got sick of borrowing it. I just love Carrie. She is great at explaining the step moves before she makes them so you know what’s next. Keeps you from tripping over your feet. Plus, she’s very friendly and outgoing-not a fake overdone “good job” like some instructors gush-like they can actually see how you’re doing. She’s cute without being stuck-up or “Hollywood”. I would consider this a beginning to intermediate workout, if you use a low step. I can increase the intensity by raising the height on my step. Plus, usually I have done a weight workout on my own and don’t need the interval weight training that she includes, (which is designed for the beginner) so I just keep going with the step routine while she does the weights. This is my absolute favorite step video, and I hope she makes another one that has a longer routine for the more advanced stepper. I would buy it in a minute!

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4.0 out of 5 stars Steppin Out- great work out for getting started, April 13, 2002
By Kim Obrenski “catnut13” (Bourbonnais, IL United States)
Really enjoyed the combination of step aerobic along with exercises with weights…..Felt I was able to combine two things with one work out. Not overly advanced, so it was great for myself…trying to start anew with working out again.

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5.0 out of 5 stars Great Interval Video
By A Customer
I love interval training, and this video does this well. She varies light and heavy weights, uses the step, and then does an abdominal workout. It is a great workout rolled into one tape. I own 8 tapes now, and I use this one 3-4 times a week. I have highly recommended this one to my friends!
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5.0 out of 5 stars My Favorite Step Routine
By Maureen (Truckee, CA, USA)
I’ve purchased a number of step videos (Carrie Weiland, Jane Fonda, Weight Watchers, Gilad, & Keli Roberts – in preferential order), and this is by far my favorite! The workout really gets my heart pumping, and Carrie’s attitude helps me keep my energy up. The routine provides a vigorous step workout with intervals of weight training, and is designed for both beginners and advanced steppers. She calls out the steps very well, allowing me to keep on track. I’m hoping Carrie will create another step video so I can keep a variety in my routine.

steppin' out carrie weiland instructor

Carrie Weiland in “Steppin’ Out”

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4.0 out of 5 stars
A great workout
By A Customer
I’ve been borrowing aerobics videos from the library and I’ve been having trouble finding any that really give me a good workout. This one was really challenging, and yet I think a beginner could do it too. The steps in the aerobic part are pretty basic but intense. And I really liked the interval concept. I have now purchased this one for my workout library. The only reason I didn’t give it 5 stars is that I’m still waiting for a great workout with REAL music! I understand why they all have to use the elevator-grade crap that they do (to maintain a consistent tempo), but it would be so great if they could find a way to do it to recognizable songs. It makes a big difference.

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5.0 out of 5 stars This Step Aerobics Video “Kicks Butt!”
By A Customer
This video recently won a Gold Aurora Award. It also earned 4 stars from Video Rating Guide for Libraries who said “Public libraries will find this an excellent purchase for their exercise audience… Patrons will probably check it out over and over again.” Booklist said, “Personable instructor Carrie Weiland conducts a solid exercise program combining step aerobics with interval weight-training routines that target shoulders, arms, chest, buttocks and calves. A brief abdominal workout and final stretches conclude this polished program.” And all I can say is “I LIKE IT, TOO!” After using this video for the last few months, I am really proud of my body. My men friends all seem to appreciate my “assets!” It’s a fun and rewarding work-out.