Great Mountain Biking Video

The World's First Instructional Mountain Bike Video Ever Made
  • Actors: Ned Overend, John Tomac, Tinker Juarez, Martha Kennedy, Julia Ingersoll, Kevin Norton
  • Director: Mark Schulze
  • Available for Viewing at Vimeo on Demand: Great Mountain Biking Video
  • Studio: New & Unique Videos
  • VHS Release Date: 1988
  • Run Time: 55 minutes
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  • National Telly Award

great mountain biking video coverOFFICIALLY ENDORSED BY NORBA (National Off-Road Bicycle Association)

This is the first mountain biking instructional video ever made. In this video classic, champion professional riders and mountain bike pioneers, John Tomac, Ned Overend,Tinker Juarez, Martha Kennedy, Julia Ingersoll and Kevin Norton share their racing and training tips. Learn how to select, ride, race, maintain and become one with your mountain bike. Challenge yourself to the agony of the uphill climb and the ecstasy of downhill free-flight. Feast your senses on spectacular footage of California outback and exciting Racing and Trials clips from the notorious Mammoth Kamikaze Downhill and Rockhopper South Races during the sport’s “adolescence.” For anyone who ever wanted to know what mountain biking was like in its early days.

“NORBA proudly endorses and recommends The Great Mountain Biking Video. It is a complete guide to all aspects of mountain biking, and offers a lot to beginners and expert riders alike.”NORBA

“A fine introduction to the exciting world of mountain biking… Anyone interested in taking up this activity is advised to view this program beforehand.” BILLBOARD MAGAZINE

“A ‘soup to nuts’ guide to mountain bicycling that includes how-to techniques as well as footage to dazzle even the most expert ATB rider.” AMERICAN BICYCLIST

“…Homegrown mountain bike-type action and comments from the stars…”CYCLIST MAGAZINE

great mountain biking video tinker juarez

Tinker Juarez at Big Bear Lake

“This energetic and enthusiastic video extols the thrills – and spills – of old-fashioned buddy biking. While it shows races, trials, and other competitive and professional events of daredevil proportions, its main message and appeal is the pleasure of pedaling along in the wilderness away from cars and air pollution.” VIDEO CHOICE MAGAZINE

“This 50-minute package is full of exciting, informative and humorous footage of both riding and interviews with some of the top professionals in the sport today, including 1988 National Champion John Tomac, 1988 Cross-Country and Uphill World Champion Ned Overend, and 1988 Alaskan Iditabike women’s winner Martha Kennedy. The video is also a guide to what a mountain bike is, what it can do, and what you can do to maintain it. There is also some dazzling camera work, including shots taken from a helicopter, and some roller coaster-like rider point of view action through forested single-track trails. The Great Mountain Biking Video is a good way to get introduced to mountain biking, and great entertainment for all of us who enjoy the sport.” MOUNTAIN & CITY BIKING

“Mountain bikes now account for more than 65 percent of all adult-bike sales, yet many fat-tire bikers are hesitant to hit the trails. The Great Mountain Biking Video brings you up to speed on maintenance, trail-riding form, braking and safety. A folksy, whimsical script coupled with fast-paced footage from rider’s-eye and helicopter angles keep it fun and inspiring, even if you never make use of thje racing or log-hopping tips.” LONGEVITY MAGAZINE

“Made for the hardcore or beginning mountain biker, The Great Mountain Biking Video shows mountain biking in its most enjoyable settings and offers useful riding techniques and tips.” MOUNTAIN BIKE ACTION

great mountain biking video john tomac martha kennedy“Guides beginners and experts through the challenges of the sport with actual mountain footage.” VIDEO SOFTWARE DEALER

“So you’re looking to learn a little bit about mountain biking, eh? Well, have we got a video for you! …The tape covers everything from handling single track to handling a broken chain.” COMPETITOR MAGAZINE

“The sport of mountain biking is introduced to neophyte riders in this snappily paced video. Scenic California mountain footage dominates the program, which speaks mainly to serious cyclists interested in tackling rough, hilly, nonpaved terrain. A treat for mountain bicycling enthusiasts.”BOOKLIST

“Scenes take the viewer up steep mountain faces, down cliffs, over rocks, logs and other obstacles. The video offers do’s and don’ts of mountain bike riding as well as racing and training tips from six pros.”BICYCLE BUSINESS JOURNAL

“…A ‘soup to nuts’ guide to mountain bicycling that includes how-to techniques as well as footage to dazzle even the most expert ATB rider… with glimpses and interviews of top riders Ned Overend, Martha Kennedy, John Tomac, Julia Ingersoll, Tinker Juarez and Kevin Norton. It includes tips on riding techniques and equipment, some history of the mountain bike and safety information.” AMERICAN BICYCLIST

“Since this sport appeals to men and women, young and old, this program is an excellent one to watch if you’re thinking of getting your feet wet in the sport… Where to ride, who to ride with, good times of the year, riding tips, and an introduction to racing — it’s all here, neatly packed into timely segments. With interviews from top pros, and tips from riders with years of experience The Great Mountain Biking Video provides a good basic foundation for anyone considering taking up the sport of mountain biking.” – ****VIDEO LIBRARIAN