Keywords for Bloggers

Use Keywords Wisely

Many of you already know the high importance of keywords liberally sprinkled throughout your “real estate holdings” in Cyberspace, i.e., your business website, Flickr, Pinterest and your blogs. But some of you don’t.

keywords for bloggers DP Mark Schulze shoots interview with Weird Al Yankovic and Julie Stoffer

DP Mark Schulze shoots interview with Weird Al Yankovic and Julie Stoffer

So I will take this opportunity to educate you here and now on how you must EMBRACE keywords and get to know them and get buddy-buddy with them.

If You Build It, They Will Come

Remember that movie with Kevin Costner called “A Field of Dreams?” “If you build it, they will come?” The same holds true for your blog or website, but ONLY if you build your platform with keywords smattered throughout your content.

So, if you’re a plumber, you would use such keywords as “plumber,” “plumbing,” “bathroom repairs,” “unstop kitchen sink” etc.

If you are a videographer, like me, you’d use keywords like “videography,” “video producer,” and you’d want to point the seeker over to your town, so you’d say “San Diego video production” and “San Diego broadcast crews,” etc.

Patty Mooney Sound Technician San Diego

Patty Mooney, Sound Technician aboard a catamaran in San Diego Bay

Free Plug-Ins

There are all sorts of free plug-ins out there that can help you zero in on all the keywords you could possibly want to use. Be careful, though, because you don’t want to use TOO MANY. And you don’t want to use irrelevant ones. So, you, the plumber, would NOT use terms that have nothing to do with your service like “sexy girls dancing.”

As BooBoo used to say to Yogi the Bear, “The Ranger wouldn’t like it!” Yes, indeed, the search engines will punish you for messing around like that. If you don’t mind getting pushed over to page 88, or entirely off Google or Bing, just try it.

Home Page

Take every opportunity that you can to get your keywords out there. Do not title your home page “home page.” It’s a rookie mistake but the good thing is it can be easily fixed. Use the description in your web pages’ title bars to explicitly list your keywords but in a phrase that makes sense, such as “San Carlos Plumbing and Heating Service for Homes and Businesses.”

Don’t let any opportunity fall through the cracks or you could miss out on business. It’s a battle out there, and your one greatest weapon in the dirty, dusty fray is keywords.

So, to recap, embrace keywords wisely, do not abuse the use of them, and employ only the ones most relevant to your product or service.

When posting photos at Flickr (or any other photo-sharing service), if you want people to find your work, load up on the keywords, even the ones that seem obvious to you, like city, state, country, or even the predominant color in the photo. Just litter your Cyber-village with keywords and let the spiders have their way with them.

Patty Mooney is a Vice President and Video Producer at award-winning San Diego video production company, Crystal Pyramid Productions.