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From time to time a client will want to create a video to market their speaking skills, a book, or their services. We have helped many people through the process.  If you feel intimidated by the idea of producing a video, don’t be.  We’ll walk you through it and make it fun.

Deborah Waitley is a motivational speaker with a line of self-help products.

Stephen Houlahan ran for City Councilman in Santee, California in 2016.  This is the video that put him over the top and got him the seat.

Rinaldo Brutoco speaks at the 2013 Sages & Scientists Symposium at the Chopra Center – “Beyond Fossil Fuels – Conscious Living”

Arianna Huffington speaks at the 2013 Sages & Scientists Symposium about “The Third Metric – Redefining Success”

An entire Wealth Seminar with Specialist Gene Pastula using Power Point slides.

An entire Optovue Power Point Slide Show with Dr. Sherman.

Author Alan Bell wrote his book “Poisoned” after living with a severe medical condition brought on by environmental factors. He was exposed to toxins in the work building. This is his story.

When Aaron Kahlow created his Online Marketing Summit, which is now a smashing success, he thought that the power of video was exactly what he needed in order to attract more participants to his San Diego venue. This is the little video that did.