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Happy Face Videos

One form of convention videos is the “Happy Face Video.”  We have had the pleasure of working on many “Happy Face Videos” aka Candids aka “Living Agenda” productions.  This type of production requires a shooter or multiple shooters who document speakers, break-out sessions and attractions attended by the conventioneers during multiple days.  Generally this happens over a weekend.  An editor is typically sequestered in a quiet room onsite with a mobile editing system.  The shooter(s) bring media to the editor throughout the convention.  The finished show ranging from three to five minutes is displayed on large screens – IMAG – to the attendees as a gift of memories.

Convention Floor Documentation

Another style of convention video would be the documentation of the actual show, or one or more booths. This can be accomplished in one day or multiple days, as the client desires.


Because conventions are a venue where many people within one industry gather, it is a great opportunity to line up people for interviews. These interviews can be used in documentaries, legacy videos and simply for historical archives.

The 2018 Vistage Chair World Video in San Diego, California. Video shot by DP Mark Schulze with timelapse by Dan Bucko, and edited by Patty Mooney –

A highlight reel for Netbrain, including technical demos with Power Point screens

This is the Irrigation Association’s Pioneers Video, shot with green screens at various conventions in the U.S. and featuring the movers and shakers of the industry, some of whom have been involved with irrigation for decades. This is the brainchild of Glenn Bowlin, IA Historian.

ViaSat celebrates its 30 anniversary with a big party aboard the USS Midway.

A Happy Face video for Eisai in San Diego

OAAA – Outdoor Advertising Association of America – Convention, 2007 in San Diego.

A Candids (aka “Happy Face”) Video for Spraying Systems at the Hotel Del Coronado in San Diego at the start of the New Century.