Broadcast Clips from Inside Edition

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The summer of 2015 was a special one. Skindiver Mark Schulze found a Panasonic orange Lumix camera on the floor of the ocean while skindiving on a beautiful sunny day with sun rays penetrating to 25 feet and more, pointing out a camera partially hidden in the sand during low tide off the coast of La Jolla. Mark and his wife then began a crusade to return the camera – containing five years of photos and video from family adventures that had never been backed up – to its rightful owners. Mark and Patty are used to being behind the camera in their video production company, Crystal Pyramid Productions. This time they were in front of the camera.

Inside Edition produced this story about Lauren Scott, the one-armed Tinder girl who shot to fame over a few days.

Notorious hoarder, Cheryl Sherrell, appropriated the home of Ms. Breslauer, a 90-year-old-widow who hired Ms. Sherrell to take care of Ms. Breslauer’s dying husband.  After Mr. Breslauer passed away, his wife wrote a note to Sherrell telling her to vacate the premises.  Sherrell did not.  Sherrell changed the locks, began filling the Breslauers’ “dream home” with all manner of garbage and began renting rooms in the home to transients.  A cautionary tale for anyone who wants to hire a move-in caretaker for their elderly parent.

Hoarder-squatter Cheryl Sherrell finally moves her belongings out of the home of Fran Breslauer, a 90-year-old widow.  Interview of Jan Breslauer and B-Roll of devastated home by DP Mark Schulze with sound by Patty Mooney.

She was lost at sea and given up for dead, but German Shepherd, Luna, was reunited with her owner, Nick Haworth. Luna fell overboard off Haworth’s boat in the Pacific Ocean and swam two miles to a tiny island used for target practice by the U.S. Navy. Happy reunion videotaped by DP Mark Schulze.

A bartender at a beachside pub leaps over the counter to save a customer from choking.  Interview with bartender and “victim” shot by DP Mark Schulze.

Feud Over Shrubbery Ends In Fatal Shooting – Inside Edition; video interview shot by DP Mark Schulze and sound by Patty Mooney

A hot air balloon made an emergency landing in a residential neighborhood. About a dozen people were on board as the balloon hit a tree and flames nearly set the branches on fire. Neighbors came together to grab the out-of-control balloon and bring it down. We shot the interview with the videographer who shot the action.

A young girl was swept away in Hawaii by a flash flood during a kayak trip with her sister.  Interview of bereaved sister by Crystal Pyramid Productions.

Inside Edition produced this story about the Santee school shooter.

The Kraft family’s vacation in Mexico turns into a nightmare.