Coronado is Beautiful!

Coronado view of San Diego Scenic

Scenic view of San Diego from Coronado

Just over the bridge from San Diego is a small “island” called Coronado where the Navy has a base called North Island.

Coronado is not technically an island because the southernmost tip is connected to Imperial Beach which is several miles south of San Diego.

How to Get There

Many visitors to San Diego like to hop aboard a ferry that motors across San Diego Bay, under the Coronado Bridge and docks at Coronado.  You can hop off and spend time enjoying the amenities of the island. For instance, you could check out the Hotel Del Coronado and its rich cinematic (and haunted) history.  Then hop back onto a later ferry back to San Diego.

Coronado boasts some wonderful eateries and the locally famous Coronado Brewing Company that produces an excellent array of craft beers.

Girls running on Silver Strand Beach Coronado Island

On a clear day, you can see Point Loma from the Silver Strand

The Silver Strand

South of North Island Coronado, tourists will find a beautiful stretch of sand called “The Silver Strand” where kids and “children at heart” all love to play.  You’ve got your avid runners and recreational devotees. On a clear day, you can see Point Loma with its light house on the very left corner.

Sandman standing in front of Hotel Del Coronado

If you are lucky you may meet the Sandman of Coronado

2d45c-img_9004_smallThe Sand Man

One day a couple of years ago, Mark and I spent an afternoon near the Hotel Del Coronado (famous for several movies which were produced on location there including “Some Like It Hot” with Marilyn Monroe, Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon; and “The Stunt Man.”

Also people claim there is paranormal activity in a haunted room with ghosts.  No, not Marilyn’s.

While strolling down the ocean walk in front of the hotel, Mark and I met this guy. He calls himself the “Sand Man.” Well, after having met the “Water Man,” we should have known that the Sand Man would be waiting in the wings, so to speak.

Coronado Sandman near Hotel Del

Temporary Sand Art by the Sandman of Coronado

The Sandman began to create for us this beautiful piece of temporary art. Do you know how thrilling it is to see your very own name drawn with sand on a sidewalk?

We don’t know if he is homeless, but suspect that he may be. We gave him a little something for his efforts. If ever you encounter him along the beach of Coronado, say hello. But prepare to spend at least half an hour because he loves to talk and he has plenty of tales to share. You will not be able to get a word in edgewise.

And voila, the finished piece! It just goes to show you how temporary we all are.

And then we bid adieu to the Sandman.

This one-minute documentary on the Sandman is great.  Check it out!

Patty Mooney is a VP, Video Producer and Editor at award-winning San Diego video production company, Crystal Pyramid Productions.