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Broadcast Demos

broadcast demos

Extra’s Renee Bargh and Scott Eastwood enjoy margaritas

Our broadcast video crew has provided segments for many different television shows going way back in time to Animal Planet, Hard Copy, Oprah and A Current Affair.

We have shot clips for Discovery, the Travel Channel, Big Brother, the Dr. Phil Show, The Home and Garden Network, the VA Channel, Entertainment Tonight, Access Hollywood, Inside Edition and Extra!

We also manage San Diego’s first and largest stock footage library of clips.  Clients include Real TV, Disney Channel, and the Tonight Show.

We’ve shot interviews with hundreds of VIPs and celebrities on the Red Carpet and venues like the San Diego Comic Con.  We have interviewed Charlize Theron, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Hillary Clinton, Vince Vaughn, Justin Timberlake, Kirsten Dunst, Tim Burton, Scott Eastwood, just to name a few.  We know how to make the on-air talent look good with proper lighting, sound good with pro audio, and feel comfortable so we can elicit golden sound bites.

broadcast demos television production

DP Mark Schulze shoots Scott Eastwood and Renee Bargh

broadcast production in mexicali

Mexicali interviews

Some of our more recent work includes the Project Runway 2015 party with winner Ashley Nell Tipton, an interview with the bartender who saved a man from choking, and the story of a woman seeking justice for her sister’s death under the knife of a Mexicali reconstructive surgical doctor posing as a cosmetic surgeon.

We can many times provide a crew at a moment’s notice, and we are available 24/7.  So if you want your video production to look as polished and beautifully lighted as the ones on television, call us today.  We can work with your budget and deliver video that you can be proud of.  Call us today. (619) 644-3000

The 1-1/2 minute splash reel of Crystal Pyramid Productions, San Diego’s oldest video production company, established in 1981.  Featuring broadcast, corporate and small business shot over the last few years, including the San Diego Comic Con.  Most footage videotaped by Mark Schulze.  Edited by Patty Mooney.

On The Insider:  The winner of Project Runway 2015 was Ashley Nell Tipton, a Plus Size designer whose fashions created quite a stir in  the Fashion Industry.  Crystal Pyramid Productions was there to document her reaction and the excitement of Ashley’s family and friends at the viewing party at Hotel W in downtown San Diego.  The Insider producer, Keltie Knight is also featured.  Videography by DP Mark Schulze and sound by Patty Mooney

The story of the murder of Jake Merendino in Rosarito Beach, Mexico, as aired on Crime Watch Daily.  Video clips shot in Mexico by DP Mark Schulze with Patty Mooney on sound.

How to Make the Perfect Margarita with Renee Bargh and Scott Eastwood –; Video interview shot by DP Mark Schulze with sound by Patty Mooney

Dr. Usama Abdelaziz Reports from San Diego NUKS 2015 on Kuwaiti TV; videography by DP Mark Schulze and editing by Video Editor Patty Mooney

Feud Over Shrubbery Ends In Fatal Shooting – Inside Edition; video interview shot by DP Mark Schulze and sound by Patty Mooney

Front Page used several clips from our stock footage library, New & Unique Videos, in this broadcast segment about dangerous rescues of recreationists. (NOTE: This video clip was digitized from a VHS tape.)

DP Mark Schulze videotaped this interview at Sleep Train Arena with Brad Paisley for Macy’s 4th Of July Fireworks Spectacular 2015.  What Brad Paisley thinks about the meaning of America.

Yes, his real name is Cliff Walker, and he is riding down a sheer cliff on his mountain bike.  Cliff made this world premiere of his shenanigans on Real TV.  Clip videotaped by Director of Photography, Mark Schulze.

Notorious hoarder, Cheryl Sherrell, appropriated the home of Ms. Breslauer, a 90-year-old-widow who hired Ms. Sherrell to take care of Ms. Breslauer’s dying husband.  After Mr. Breslauer passed away, his wife wrote a note to Sherrell telling her to vacate the premises.  Sherrell did not.  Sherrell changed the locks, began filling the Breslauers’ “dream home” with all manner of garbage and began renting rooms in the home to transients.  A cautionary tale for anyone who wants to hire a move-in caretaker for their elderly parent.

The 2007 San Diego Stand Down is captured in this video that was filmed by Crystal Pyramid Productions ( with producer Scott Wallace.  This is the experience which inspired San Diego producers Patty Mooney and Mark Schulze to film the multi-award-winning documentary, “The Invisible Ones: Homeless Combat Veterans” (2008) available at Vimeo on Demand.

The crew from Crystal Pyramid Productions ( traveled to Julian a few years ago to videotape a segment for their show about Disabled laws.  After Attorney Theodore Pinnock, who has cerebral palsy and uses a wheelchair, alleged that eight businesses violated federal law by failing to provide equal access to the disabled. A group of dozens of businesses in Julian received letters from Pinnock in which he threatened to sue them, allege in a separate lawsuit that Pinnock has tried to shake down their establishments for money.  Penn and Teller decided to check out the story.

The New & Unique Videos stock footage library provided clips to a PacMan Commercial. Stock footage clip features Director of Photography Mark Schulze of Crystal Pyramid Productions, a top video production services company in San Diego, California, riding a mountain bike 60 feet underwater off the coast of Costa Rica. Videography by National Geographic DP Mark Eveslage.

Rancho Santa Fe is a community north of San Diego where some of the wealthiest people in the world live.  This video takes you there.  Mark Schulze is the videographer, Director of Photography and editing is by Eric Snow, Crystal Pyramid Productions.

This “You Gotta See This” segment focuses on Ken Shamrock and cage fighting. Director of Photography, Mark Schulze, of Crystal Pyramid Productions, shot the interview and B-Roll footage that appears in this show.

The Joey Show utilized a couple of Tijuana clips from the New & Unique Videos stock footage library when Joey took a little trip South of the Border.  Videography of Tijuana clips by Mark Schulze of Crystal Pyramid Productions, a top San Diego video production services company.  

Olympian swimmers Brad Schumacher, Lenny Krayzelburg and Gabe Woodward appear in this short commercial for Games ‘n Flix. Produced by Crystal Pyramid Productions. Director of Photography was Mark Schulze. Additional Videography by Jan Beran.

The Planet’s Funniest Animals used clips from the stock footage library of New & Unique Videos. Check out the crazy turkeys all dressed up to kill, some cutie-pie chihuahuas, and chest-bumping, head-thumping, boxing kangaroos from down under.  Videography by Mark Schulze and editing by Patty Kay Mooney.