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Welcome to  “World Traveler Reviews.”  This is where where you’ll find tips on fun and romantic places to eat, sleep and play at different spots across the planet.  We cover San Diego a lot because that is where we live.  Patty and Mark are proprietors of San Diego’s oldest video production company, Crystal Pyramid Productions  and the bloggers at “Diary of a San Diego Video Crew.

We have decided to post our “World Traveler Reviews” here under the umbrella of Crystal Pyramid Productions where interested readers can also peruse blog posts about video production adventures, celebrity sightings and the nuts and bolts of shooting and producing videos.

world traveler reviews belvedere moorea Tahiti 1994

Mountain biking in Belvedere, Moorea, Tahiti, 1994

This entire site is advertising-free. You’ll find unsolicited and unbiased reviews  brought to you by Patty and Mark,

Chief blogger, Patty Mooney, has written stories, articles and poetry and provided photography for various publications since the age of sixteen. This includes the Los Angeles Times, San Diego Reader and First for Women Magazine.

world traveler reviews and found camera

Mark and Patty skin diving in Tahiti, 1990

Both Patty and Mark have traveled the world together for over three decades.  They backpacked and hitchhiked in Tahiti, New Zealand and Fiji for ten weeks a few months after meeting on Valentine’s Day in 1982.

In 1986, the couple traveled around North America in a small camper.  They explored Alaska and Canada for nine months where they learned about the sport of mountain biking.

In 1993, and 1994, they went around the world with their mountain bikes and video production gear to produce multiple-award-winning documentary “Full Cycle:  A World Odyssey,” an endless summer on mountain bikes.

This is a couple who love to travel, meet new people, experience new adventures, enjoy unique foods, beers and wines, and share their photographs and adventures.  So take a little adventure yourself at World Traveler Reviews and check out what the world has to offer.

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Patty Mooney is a VP, Video Producer, Video Editor, Sound Technician, Teleprompter Operator and Writer at San Diego Video Production Company, Crystal Pyramid Productions.