All Work No Play

All work no play makes Jack a dull boy,” which is bad enough.

all work no play

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But anyone who has ever seen “The Shining” can attest that all work and no play turned Jack into an axe-wielding maniac. What is the lesson for the rest of us?

It’s good to balance work and play. We all need to step away from the computer from time to time, and get a life.

Everyone Deserves a Vacation

Back in 1982 when my husband and I were backpacking in New Zealand, we learned that a six-week vacation is mandatory for the Kiwis. Not so here in the U.S. People are known to go to work with nary a break, and when they get into their cars in the morning, they are angry and a danger to other drivers on the road. Sometimes it seems like our highways are one big seething mass of pissed-off worker bees.

Haven’t you noticed how much better you feel about returning to work after a nice vacation? More people need to take more time off. My husband likes to take a day off every week to play disk golf at the local course with his buddies. It’s a nice reward for all the hard work he does, shooting beautiful video for clients. The resulting happiness of that nurtured inner child is reflected in his work. I’m not so great at throwing frisbees, so I like to go for a hike or a mountain bike ride during the week. These forays into nature and away from the desk help keep me balanced so that I enjoy my work when I get back to it.

All work no play is not a healthy way to be.  Life is much too short for that!  Go out and have some fun!


  1. The balance issue is so important. It’s so easy to get caught up in the work-a-day world, but taking time for yourself here and there is equally important.

    In this ultra-wired age, it seems we are always connected. It’s amazing what an afternoon with no technology can do!

    The balance issue is up to each of us. As you say, in the long run it helps us recharge our batteries and reduce stress. Smelling the flowers is a wonderful thing ;->

  2. Yes, Amber, and the flowers smell especially sweet when you don’t have anything on your mind other than where you are at that particular moment. If we can learn how to “be now” we would all be so much better for it!

  3. As for the American work ethic, it dawned on me one day that I didn’t NEED the stressful, full-time job I had. I spent that night running some financial figures and immediately started looking for a part-time job (which I found almost immediately at a local library.) I don’t have as much money as I used to, but to be honest, the free time is just SO much more valuable to me! I’m a much happier person these days, certainly. 🙂

    Patty Mooney is a VP, Video Producer, Sound Technician, Teleprompter Operator and Video Editor at San Diego’s award-winning video production company, Crystal Pyramid Productions.