5 Significant Technologies

Technologies are part of your life whether you’re awake or asleep. Your cellphone alarm might wake you in the morning while convenient GPS guides your car to work. Literally thousands of devices rely on technologically-based concepts today.

significant technologies

Patty Mooney on an early computer

Each of them influences life in mostly positive ways. Here you’ll discover the most significant technologies that make modern life possible today.


Basic computing power began with huge, government rooms filled with components requiring a lot of power. They cost millions of dollars, and yet they barely produced any results for workers at the time.

As component manufacturers improved their production quality and shrunk the parts’ sizes, computing slowly emerged as a social-changing process. Currently, almost every product with which you interact each day has some form of computing power. This significant technology makes the world run smoothly today.

The Internet

Although computers on their own are amazing, it’s the Internet that really connects everyone. Humans socialize on a different level now because of Internet connectivity. Shopping habits are different, too.


Telephone calls are now performed over the Internet in the form of video chats. The computer’s strength is certainly enhanced with Internet connectivity so these two inventions tend to go hand-in-hand with each other.

significant technologies drones

Drones, drones, drones

Drone Innovations

Humans have looked to the skies for hundreds of years, and wanted to fly like the birds. Airplanes, helicopters and other inventions were amazing technologies that shaped human history, but there’s another device that’s currently taking center stage.

The drone is a significant technology because it’s providing surveillance of areas that were otherwise impossible before. Send a drone to observe a school of whales at the water’s surface for science, or hover a drone above a crowd of people to keep the peace.

Video Stock Footage

The film industry covets one technology called stock footage. Filmmakers who have many hours of stock footage can piece together a movie or show in less time and with reduced costs. Some of the best filmmakers in the world may not be known at all if stock footage wasn’t available for their early works. This significant technology allows more people to be creative in this growing industry.


When satellites were first introduced into the sky, they were only accessible by government entities. Currently, almost every smartphone, car and other product can work with various GPS satellites for positioning accuracy. Find your local pizzeria or that exclusive address in the hills. This significant technology helps people stay safe on the road or in the wild as they coordinate their location at any given moment.

In Conclusion

As each year passes by, technology continues to expand and enhance everyday life. Many of the newest concepts simply build on current products so that they can be easily integrated into daily tasks, such as adding cameras and Internet connectivity to your new refrigerator. Keep an open mind about technology as it emerges, and you’ll only benefit from its effects as a result.

Yunhong Liu is the founder of We Talk UAV, a new drone community and news site launching later this year.